New Cattery registered!  Please welcome:

Beth A. Camp


PO Box 90

318 W. Pietzsch St.

Bartlett, TX 76511




New site updates!

Check here for new information!




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Stay tuned for some new changes to the site.  We will add information for CCR members to help manage your cattery in the new year!




We have added a NEW CATTERY! Say "Hello!" to:

Stacey Szenderski
Ski's Siamese
3284 S. Kittredge way
Aurora, Colorado 80013 

Announcing the Winners of the CCR Thanksgiving contest:

First prize:  Lux belongs to Sydney Tucker!

First prize is Food for a year to a needy child!



Second Prize:  Gene Purdue entered three pictures and if added up the results for all three pictures, he would have been the winner.  But, this picture of Tashi came in Second place!

Second prize is 100Lbs of Rice and Beans to a family!



Third Prize: Ying-ling and Tuu-tuu belong to Michelle Ball-Locke!  

Third Prize is Feed a family for a month!



Thanks to all that entered! See CCR Facebook page for the other great entries!




We are having a Contest for Thanksgiving!  CCR is having a Photo contest for all the breeders and their customers.  Everyone is invited to send photos of their CCR registered kittens! Click here for more information