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Thanksgiving Photo Contest!

CCR is sponsoring a photo contest!  In honor of the Thanksgiving holidays the winners of the contest will be given donations in their pet's name to Food for the Poor.  We ask that all entries please donate one Kerosene Stove (only $5.00!)  to the effort to feed the poor. 

First prize will be Food for a year to a needy child!

Second prize will be 100Lbs of Rice and Beans!

Third Prize will be Feed a family for a month!

To enter the CCR Thanksgiving Photo Contest visit our CCR Facebook page! Tell us which Cattery you got your kitten from and your name and we will announce the winner on November, 25th! Don't forget an email address so we can contact you! 

Remember to visit and vote with the "like" button for your favorite! Ask your friends to vote too!